A joint venture with a solid base
and a unique joint offering

ETE Logistixx is the result of a joint venture between the Portuguese GRUPO ETE and based Belgian company STEELDUXX.

The union of these two companies brings together to your business, the right people, assets and extensive know-how in delivering state of the art solutions for your cargo.

A worldwide
logistixx partner

Our worldwide coverage allows our
customers to reach further and farther

Supported by a team of seasoned professionals both in Portugal and in Antwerp (Belgium), we can bring destinations closer to your doorstep: Belgium, Portugal, Madeira, Azores, Cape Verde, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Hong Kong, Japan, Colombia and Uruguay.

Services to support
your success

We provide a full range of services to support all your logistics needs and give you peace of mind: shipping, forwarding, load & discharge services, warehousing, negotiations, out of gauge, X trades, port captain duties, inland transport and chartering.

Integrated Logistics services for general and containerized cargo:
Packaging & Labelling
Customs clearance
Warehousing & Distribution
Road Transport, through certified partners
Compliance Insurance
Survey Control
Shipping agency
Fleet & crew management
Technical ship management
Consulting in Supply Chain & Logistics

If your company is importing or exporting, please contact us to find out more about our tailor-made solutions that will enhance your business.

Download here our handout.